Thursday, September 25, 2008

No surfing today.

High tide killed waves. Should have gone earlier. Crossing fingers for swells to still be here tomorrow.


M. Huw Evans said...

So... if I were to come visit you, would you teach me to surf? I was close down in Nicaragua, but didn't have a good teacher. What's the best time of year to surf in your neck of the woods?

Seth said...

The best time of year to get surf around here is that time of year when a hurricane is approaching Georgia or South Carolina from the Southeast. See if you can time that trip!

Actually we're not very reliable when it comes to waves down here *glaring in the direction of the Bahamas*, so teaching to surf may or may not happen. I could get you on a board and paddling. The best odds of having surfable waves is, I'd say, somewhere in the December to early May time frame. Of course those are the months when it's cold enough that you don't want to be in the water. Summer is too often entirely flat.

P.S. I make no claims about the quality of my teaching.

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